Welcome to my Shiny New Site.

One of the best things about being a writer is that you can work anywhere, anytime. I am recovering from an awful chest infection that has me bedridden. This has proven to be an excellent time to work on my writing career and carefully plan my world domination.

I undertook a session with a tremendous business coach and have really honed in on where I want to be.

So here I am, sharing this vision with you all. I started this writing caper, blogging about the near death experiences I endured from sleep deprivation caused by children. The birth of my second child resulted in a downward spiral of post natal depression. Writing through the pain helped me tremendously, so this became a focus. I started to apply my writing to the things that matter most to me.

Mental Health

I was nineteen when I was diagnosed with depression. I knew nothing about it and my first thoughts were that I was weak and broken. I remember thinking, why can't I be normal.

It took many years to overcome this way of thinking. I am determined to smash the stigma around mental illness (particularly depression) through my writing and speaking events.

Racism & Social Justice

Growing up in Western Sydney in the 80's, I was one of the only brown kids in my school. I endured a tonne of racism from the age of five. Why is your skin dirty, why does your hair look funny? I grew up in a world that would never let me forget that I was "other".

I have been writing furiously on social in justice and equality in this country, simply to add another voice to the very loud conversation.

Feminism & Parenting

I have always thought myself to be somewhat of a feminist. After all, this is a continuation on social justice and equality. I had no idea just how important feminist matters were until the birth of my first baby. That little girl has changed everything for me. I will fight and do all I can to ensure that she has every opportunity to be the legend she is, regardless of her gender.

In all my musings and articles, despite the conviction of my beliefs and arguments, I like to end all my works with hope. Fundamentally, that is the message I convey in everything I create.

That's it. That's me and what I want to do. If this sounds like something you'd be keen on, hit me up, or come back and read some more.

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