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2019...Was it Really All Bad?

A few people I know will be quick to tell you that the final year of this decade was absolute shithouse. I was also of the same opinion. A fair chunk of my 2019 was spent in the hospital, being operated on and contending with some serious pain.

I was practically leading the army of naysayers, chanting, "How shit was 2019?" So much so, that I nearly overlooked all the good bits.

I was watching the year in review and thought, "I forgot about most of this stuff". So I made a conscious effort to think about the tremendous shit that brought me joy this year.

My firstborn started school, I got published in a bunch of awesome places, I was asked to have my own column, met some outstanding trashbag school mums, I was travelling again, saw U2 play Joshua Tree, had a winter holiday with my family, celebrated milestones with my mates and my youngest overcame his fear of the water.

There's probably loads more stuff that would bring a smile to my face. Apart from one mate of mine, who truly had a hideous year, is there really such a thing as a bad year? If you think about it, twelve months is a decent stint.

When I was at uni, I got so sick of being constantly 'late', that I started a protest against the concept of time. I really thought more people would get on board with my way of thinking. Turns out, without this absurd, man-made construct that is time, our society would descend into chaos. Nevertheless, I still don't agree with the idea.

Life is a cycle made of moments. My measurement of this cycle is hot, cold, day, night. What even is 3:15 pm? What is 2019? Why are we so caught up by these concepts of moments? For example, how does the 31st of December differ in any way to the 1st of January? Why are we suddenly so motivated and full of hope when the clock strikes midnight?

Whether you agree with my thoughts on time conception or not, don't be so quick to write off an entire cycle around the sun. Heartbreak, loss, devastation, helplessness, all these things pass, just like this idea of time.

We all face some kind of adversity at some point, it's easy to be consumed by it. 'The most wonderful time of the year' can also be a difficult time for many. Mostly due to the expectations, we place on ourselves. I don't believe in time, but if I did, here is my New Years message to you: Remember the times that you almost pissed yourself laughing, the times you were with mates and got off your face, the times you felt like you were a kid again, the times you were a total badass and took charge of a bullshit situation, the time you learnt something really cool that changed your life (I learnt that when my kids annoy me, I get them to count to 100 in their head, giving me a good two minutes of silence...fucking genius), the times you were completely spontaneous and had an adventure.

Hang on to those memories and let 2019 be the year of moments that made you human.

Have a spectacular festive season.

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